What Say You, Bastards?

This is presumably the last trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, available for streaming this Thursday. I’m curious enough to check it out after watching the abomination that was the Whedon film on a flight home a few years ago. Will I make it through the entire four hours? Hmmm …

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    1. Have you seen any of Snyder’s films? I absolutely adored his Dawn of the Dead remake. I liked 300 okay, and then everything else has been varying shades of shite.

      1. And I have to say, one of the things that really, really bothers me about Justice League is its striking similarity to the last two Avengers movies. Substitute Darkseid for Thanos, the Mother Boxes for Infinity Stones, and the Justice League for The Avengers, and there’s just not enough originality there to excite me. It’s all from the comics, I get that, but even so, why use such a similar plot when there are hundreds of other story arcs to choose from?

  1. I was channel-flipping a few weeks ago and came in during the Superman resurrection scene. I stuck with it through some pretty solid Batman-Wonder Woman dramatic tension and dialog. And thought hey this is pretty good.*

    The more powerful and lightning-out-of-my-butt everyone becomes, the less interest I have. I can’t remember Steppenwolf’s backstory, or struggle, or agenda, or whatever.

    Four hours is a bit much.

    *Caveat: I would pay good money to see Gal Gadot fill out mortgage paperwork.
    I probably stay engaged with these films longer than I should.

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