LOTR But With Low-Budget FX & Soviet Mood Music

The geniuses at Leningrad Television put out this masterpiece in 1991, a full ten years before Peter Jackson.

Cue up Gandalf’s eagle escape and elaboration at the Council of Elrond:

The above includes the entire first half of this 1 hr 50 minute extravaganza. More Fellowship of The Ring  excitement here.

2 Replies to “LOTR But With Low-Budget FX & Soviet Mood Music”

  1. This is unbelievable. Soviet televison doing Monty Python doing a LOTR done by Soviet television.

    While traveling in that area many years ago I once had the good fortune of tuning in to a Soviet Central Television airing of Bonanza very badly dubbed into Russian.

  2. This production exemplifies all the best things associated with good old fashioned Russian pluck.

    But it’s still shit.

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