4 Replies to “And It’s Mostly Trash”

  1. Yes, it’s mostly trash, but he might have added that the same thing is true for all genres, classical as well. For every Bach, Beethoven or Stravinsky, there were hundreds of dull Vivaldis, Hummels, or Krennikovs. Hell, even many of the greatest composers occasionally wrote trash (Beethoven’s embarrassing Wellington’s Victory, for example). He might also have added that there’s nothing wrong with liking trash, as long as you know what it is. We all need our junk food.

    I love LB. One of the most talented musicians the US has produced, he was a great conductor and teacher, a gifted composer, and could have made a career as a classical or jazz pianist. As a conductor he was never boring, perhaps the last of a great tradition of inspired risk-takers who could keep you at the edge of your seat (you can still attend a great concert, but the greatness will be due to a high standard of musicianship rather than a brilliantly oddball conductor). If you ever want to learn something about classical music, check out any of his tutorials or “young people’s concerts,” which are great for any age because he never talks down to his audience.

  2. I had an inkling you’d provide some excellent context.

    In college, my roommate told me that Bernstein had raved about ‘She Said She Said’ — it was great to find a clip of it.

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