The Sound Of Midas

“There would be no offer that would tempt me… I actually really resent it.”

– Paul Simon, at about 5:00 in the video, on giving his song rights away

I remember that interview from back in the day (1986). Now, that he’s sold the catalogue:

ā€œIā€™m pleased to have Sony Music Publishing be the custodian of my songs for the coming decades. I began my career at Columbia/Sony Records and it feels like a natural extension to be working with the Publishing side as well.ā€

Fine. Just don’t give the songs out to anyone. Don’t let Mrs. Robinson, Scarborough Fair, April Come She Will, and the Sound of Silence ever appear in anything except The Graduate.

I heard “Back In Black” on an Applebee’s commercial this weekend. I’m not hopeful.

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    1. Johnny Cash was allegedly offered some serious scratch years ago to use “Ring of Fire” in a hemorrhoid cream commercial. Thank god he turned them down.

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