New (Old) Descendents!

According to an excellent Rolling Stone article from May …

Last year, in the middle of pandemic lockdown, Milo Aukerman got a unique opportunity: the chance to sing a handful of songs that he never even knew existed from the back catalog of the Descendents, the pioneering California punk outfit he’s fronted on and off for more than 40 years.

Dating from the first few years after the band’s 1977 formation, the songs — along with many that Aukerman did perform after he joined in 1980 — will finally see release this summer on 9th & Walnut, a newly completed album named after the Long Beach intersection where they practiced early on. A history lesson for Aukerman, the project will be even more so for fans, who have never before had the chance to chart how the Descendents progressed from the jangly, New Wave–influenced sound of their 1979 debut single (“Ride the Wild” b/w “It’s a Hectic World,” recorded by the trio of guitarist Frank Navetta, bassist Tony Lombardo, and drummer Bill Stevenson) to the caffeinated melodic hardcore of their first releases with Aukerman, 1981’s Fat EP and 1982’s Milo Goes to College.

Full article here. Full album, which just came out yesterday, is embedded above as a playlist. Happy Friday, bastards!

3 Replies to “New (Old) Descendents!”

  1. They seem awfully spry for a band that was popular during the first Roosevelt administration.

    What drugs do they take?

  2. Looks like “going fishing” and caffeine. But Aukerman doesn’t reveal the secret sauce to his current vocals.

    Punk popcore is a young man’s game – it’s an impressive performance. Maybe he’s only as old as he feels?

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