Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is on the run from the Peanuts Gang after the Great Pumpkin puts a bounty on his head. Animated student short by Jim Reardon, who later worked on The Simpsons (1990–2004) – director, supervising director, storyboard consultant; WALL-E (2008) – screenwriter, story supervisor; Wreck-It Ralph (2012) – writer, head of story; and Zootopia (2016) – writer, co-head of story.

2 Replies to “Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown”

  1. Would have been fun to sit in on the Pixar HR meeting.

    P: “Mr. Reardon, what is this?”
    R: “Just something I made.”
    P: “Is it a cry for help?”
    R: “NO. Well maybe.”

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