Fun facts:

His mother, single and working multiple jobs, invented Liquid Paper in her kitchen blender and made a fortune.

Contra his “quiet Monkee” persona, he had a temper.  When Don Kirshner told them he’d sue the Monkees for breach of contract for wanting more artistic control, Nesmith punched a hole in the wall, telling Kirshner it could have been his face.  He’d grown to think Kirshner was an idiot, especially after DK refused to let the Monkees record his song, “Different Drum,” which afterward became a huge hit for Linda Ronstadt.  (If you ever watched Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert back in the 70’s, he really did sound like an idiot.)

Post Monkees, one of his media companies was defrauded by PBS.  He won in court, and afterward said, “it’s like catching your grandmother stealing your stereo.  You’re glad to get your stereo back, but you’re sad to find out that Grandma’s a thief.”

3 Replies to “Shit”

  1. The classic “dropped out of high school to join the Air Force, became a TV star/musician, invented MTV, gave Garry Shandling, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld and Jack Handey their big breaks” story.

    A tale as old as time.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of The Monkees.

  2. I’m a longtime Monkees fan. Just May Be the One, written by Nes is one of my favorite songs of all time. I didn’t realize he wrote Different Drum until reading an obit. Mickey’s the only one left. I wish that stuff was streaming somewhere.

  3. “Just May Be The One” is great, as well as Nez’s “You Told Me.” I’ve always loved the Monkees. The old criticism that they “didn’t play on their records” was always stupid: at that time almost no one in LA played on their own records because the Wrecking Crew could record so much faster (and usually better). Secondly, who the fuck cares? The records are great, which is all that matters. Anyway, Mickey was the only one who had to learn his instrument for the gig. The others were already more than adept. Also, at some point they let Nez play on the records, and then the others.

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