4 Replies to “George & Martha”

  1. The liquor cabinet is perfect for Burton in or out of character.

    This film was the first time I saw Elizabeth Taylor acting. For years I only knew of her as the celebrity from all the People magazines. It was a great whoa moment: she’s incredible.

  2. Burton once told director Andrew Sinclair, “I am not drinking on your film. That means only one bottle of vodka a day. I’m sober on two, but when I’m drinking, it is three or more.” Predictably, he had no memory of many of his movies.

    It killed him at 58. Would have finished me off way sooner.

    Both the movie and the parody were pretty close to their real-life, epically dysfunctional marriage(s).

  3. During and after making the movie, the roles began creeping into their home life, further complicating an already tumultuous marriage. Yikes.

    Richard on Elizabeth: “She had all these bloody rings on. It was like being hit with a knuckle-duster.”

    Yes, I went down the Google rabbit hole.

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