Any of you bastards heard of them?  Someone put me onto them last night.  They were active from late 90’s to around 2011, when their singer passed away after catching H1N1 on tour.  This song’s from their first album, The Noise Made By Peoplewhich is good.  If you took Forever Changes, removed the Hispanic influence, added some delightfully creepy synths, and brought in a fifteen-year-old Nico to sing, then you might have something like this album.  Or not.

Update from the rabbit hole: this one, from second album, sounds like Silver Apples, but with a far better singer.

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  1. My son is a huge fan. He brought home Tender Buttons a couple of years ago and we kept it in heavy rotation for awhile. Tragic about the singer. Stupid viruses.

  2. Great job passing along your good taste. It’s nice when the kiddies don’t let us down in that regard.

    I’ve streamed much of their stuff this weekend. All the albums contain gems, as does a collection of early singles and EP’s.

  3. Cool! Had not heard of them, but always into the X version of Hope Sandoval … which, excuse me, young Nico … I went down an alternate rabbit hole before the edit …

    … anyway, Camera Obscura features the Scottish Hope Sandoval.

  4. Yeah, I was having difficulty pinning her down. Lulu without vibrato? Teenage Nico? British Hope Sandoval? Yes and no. Let’s just say Trish Keenan was a damn good singer who mostly sounded like herself. Chet Baker admired Billie Holliday because she never needed to raise her voice. Same deal, although there’s more to it.

    I love this band, duo, whatever they were. I’m a little amazed that I’m just hearing them a decade after their demise. And they were releasing stuff a full decade before that. Middle age does put one’s head in the sand, with work, family, etc.

    My buried head did pick up Camera Obscura at some point. No one can do twee Velvet Underground like the Scots. I mean that as a compliment.

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