9 Replies to “Sam Raimi, You Say?”

  1. As I’ve beaten into the ground on this fine blog, I agree with the “nothing’s at stake” complaint of Scorsese, especially when Dr Strange gets involved. The multiverses, alternate universes, whatever the hell was going on with Endgame, etc….

    Despite that, I happily watched Loki. I think that was Marvel. And Raimi pretty much rules. And I really enjoy the VS threads, i.e. you get four Marvel characters to fight Thanos, who’s it gonna be? I think it’s Strange, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and maybe Thor.
    But what if it’s three to fight Thanos, Sauron, and The Emperor? Probably Marvel, Fingolfin, and Luke (pre-Episode VIII) but that’s tougher.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I’m pissed that James Bond and Spiderverse have been out for several months now, but I can’t watch them for free on Netflix or Disney or on a single one of the twenty platforms I pay for.

  2. I made a similar complaint to Mrs. Renfield last Saturday as I forked over my weekly $3.99 to stream a movie on Prime that was unavailable on our subscription services. If I were more paranoid, I’d suspect a conspiracy.

    What we all need is a good, deep-catalogue rental store a few blocks away. It should be staffed by surly, brittle, self-consciously opinionated males who majored in film studies and drive old Jettas that they were given when they turned 16. Occasionally the store will hire an attractive young female who will inspire a metaphorical bloodbath of passive-aggressive competition among the staff. Each girl will quit after three weeks.

    This sounds like a solid business plan to me.

  3. Room 237.

    If you have to ask the significance, the film snob employees can immediately identify you as a noob. And then they can get all elitist on your ass.

    1. There but by the grace of God go I. I’m bad enough as it is. If it were my job to be a musical know-it-all, I’d be unbearable.

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