4 Replies to “Didn’t Appreciate This One Before”

  1. Pretty much. It was easy to dismiss something like this from the creators of “Waterloo Sunset.” But we all end up on the hamster wheel in some form or another.

  2. Speaking of, my first concert since the pandemic hit was last night, seeing a guy who has been on the hamster wheel for 60+ years.

    I’d never seen Zimmerman live. My impression: his voice sounds great! meaning like he always sounds. He hasn’t lost the upper reaches of his beautiful tenor because he never had a beautiful tenor. Clearly playing the long game.

    A 90 minute show hittin’ all the notes and remembering the lyrics is impressive for someone nearly as old as Makerbot. My hot date was Fat Elvis, which made for an altogether enjoyable experience.

  3. Glad you guys caught a good show. Sparks played there night before last, any word on how that was? I’d thought about coming up for that, don’t remember why I dropped the idea.

  4. I haven’t heard anything about Sparks. You probably bailed because it was a Tuesday show and that’s your get blackout drunk and gamble bridge night.

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