4 Replies to “Is This The Same Guy?”

  1. I suppose a voice-over career could last several decades, but it’s impossible that one man could have made the billions of educational movies that have that identical voice. I assume they just favored a clear speaking voice with no regional accent, the old George Carlin “Hello, I’m from nowhere” bit. But the timbral consistency among what I assume is many narrators is pretty staggering.

    Those men had to grow up somewhere. I’m still trying to figure out where Makerbot’s really from.

    As for bad Mr. Grimes and good Mr. Grimes, they almost always cannot exist in the same person. Typically the bad Mr. Grimeses are terminally insecure and cannot improve much. Some continue in purgatory until they retire. The rest either leave teaching or become administrators and wreck entire schools.

  2. I’m going to keep looking through these until I find a young Renfield mouthing off to an educator, and enjoy the sweet sweet irony.

    Makerbot hails from PARTS UNKNOWN.

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