3 Replies to “Are You Adequately Prepared to Rock?”

  1. That doesn’t sound like Alvin singing. Chipmunks come and chipmunks go, but Alvin’s the Sean Connery of chipmunks.

  2. What a keen ear you have.

    Ross Bagdasarian Sr. was the original Alvin, and his son Ross Jr. took over in 1972. Ross Jr. was the singer on such latter-day Alvin classics as My Sharona.

    Chip Munk & the Furry Little Creatures are off-brand rodents from the Los Angeles label Vitamin Records.

    Alvin et al are nothing if not litigious, and will come after your ass if you try to make bank off their schtick. I suspect that Chip Munk is in for a rude awakening.

    Learn about this and more on Makerbot’s podcast, The Striped Rat.

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