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  1. Great article on Defector.

    [Friedkin]took what could be called popcorn-fare or B-movie subjects and made them better, nastier and more artfully than thought imaginable at the time, when the studio system had collapsed and suddenly movies were made out in the real world instead of on million dollar film sets.

    I’ve never seen so many “RIP you magnificent bastard” ‘s.

    1. Here’s possibly the greatest comment, from a guy whose in-law was hired as a stand-in for Tommy Lee Jones on The Hunted

      The only thing he said about Friedkin was that he would frequently open his fly and just start pissing on the ground no matter what he was doing or who was there. The only exception was if the camera was rolling. The crew ignored it, but Jones one time said, “Bill, you ever consider not doing that into the wind?”

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