4 Replies to “Arguably The Greatest Scottish Big Star Ripoff Band Ever”

  1. They’re sort of the grand-daddies of Big Star rip-offs. Seems like all the Big Star rip-off bands I hear, even those from Memphis, sound like they’re ripping off TF ripping off Chris Bell: moderate tempo jangle-pop with a wee bit of distortion and quasi-spiriual lyrics. You can count on something about “light.”

  2. I never noticed much if any Big Star in the Vaselines. They were quirkier, edgier, and had more humor than TF. I like their hooks a bit better. TF is good, especially the earlier stuff, and they have more polish. What I’ve heard of their later stuff sounds to me like Chris without the neuroses and sense of struggle. A nice walk in the park vs. wrestling with demons. Which is fine if that’s what you’re in the mood for. But sounds to me like they lack the personality to make that sound their own.

    1. I LOVED the first few Teenage Fanclub records, and even enjoyed playing spot the Big Star lift on Bandwagonesque. But yeah, these guys are a tad uninteresting for me now. Meaning none of the songs go anywhere and they’re all ladled from the same thin, mid-tempo soup. Still, a new record is news.

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