4 Replies to “Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord”

  1. All this reminds me of a beautiful afternoon many years ago, when I was playing golf with some friends. We were mostly lousy golfers even on the best of days, but we were especially dismal that day. After a few holes, young idiots that we were, we began the next hole seeking supernatutral help by standing in a circle, holding our drivers in the air, and chanting “Hail Satan, God of Golf!” We were then approached by an elderly gentleman very much like the one in the video, and clearly scandalized, who said, “you should never invoke the aid of the Evil One, even in jest!” He really did talk like that. As we were leaving later, we saw him speaking to the resident Parks & Rec official and pointing at us, although we were able to depart without further ado.

  2. Satan, God of Golf, currently overseas the FedEx tournament that takes place in Memphis in August.

    I think you underestimate your influence.

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