This Song Is Full Of Spoilers

Mrs. Makerbot and I re-watched Don’t Look Now the other night and I was reminded of this Big Audio Dynamite song, a tribute to Nicolas Roeg and his films. Who would’ve ever guessed this would be Mick Jones’s new direction after departing The Clash? Even cranking out … whatever this is … (Alternative dance? Post-punk? Dance-punk? Avant-rock? Sampledelia?) Jones is still a hook machine.

Anyway, 1985’s This Is Big Audio Dynamite is a definite contender for our perfect first album list for me, probably because it takes me back to being 16. Nothing hurt and things were just getting good!

Bonus: The below video is worth a look just for the Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon (and John Lydon) cameos.

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    1. I can vouch for this one and the follow-up, No. 10, Upping Street, on which he reteamed with Strummer for lyric support. And the BAD II album (The Globe) that came later …

  1. I was introduced to BAD by the same person who exposed me to the Replacements, but five years after everyone else knew about them. That’s kinda my thing.

    “Situation no win” playing on loop in my head for years before I knew who it was.

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