4 Replies to “Sigh”

  1. Hahaha barf.

    I saw the ad for the new Bob Marley biopic and thought “that’s not Bob Marley.” I’d rather watch youtube clips of Bob Marley performances and interviews.

    It’s incredible that all the footage from Get Back exists. It would be great to have Rubber Soul / Revolver equivalents, or whatever … but I don’t want to see made-up versions.

    Skyfall was one of my favorite films of the last 15 years. Really curious what Mendes’ motivation is.

  2. Every new Beatles movie, book, album re-master, and deluxe edition containing every outake, joke, cough, sneeze, etc., confirms that this band is as big as it ever was. Which is why I got such a laugh when Julian Lennon claimed he was selling NFT’s to “keep dad’s legacy alive.”

  3. Ugh. Just give me another well-made documentary and I’ll gladly watch it. (Probably multiple times!)

    These biopics remind of something George Carlin once said: you know what “chocolate-flavored” means?

    No fucking chocolate!

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