DOVE, The Band Of Love

I had forgotten about this chapter in DEVO history. Clever fellows, ahead of their time.

According to an article on Dangerous Minds

… while they had the world’s ears and eyeballs, they did their best to spread to the masses the prophetic, only half-satirical “Theory of Devolution” that gave them their name. One of the funniest moves they pulled to that end was to serve as their own opening band in the guise of “Dove, the Band of Love.” To satirize the devolution-proving emergence of that puritanical, self righteous, money-hungry, and censorious strain of Christian Evangelicalism that was beginning its pernicious spread through American political and cultural life—and which remains disturbingly powerful still—Dove (an anagram for DEVO, if you didn’t catch that) performed tepid, bowdlerized, Jesused-up versions of DEVO songs, wearing cheap leisure suits and accountants’ visors.

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  1. You joke, but we did play a secret show as Spirit of the Panther to prepare for our Levitt Shell performance. I actually suggested an anagram – The Bee’s Nuts – but got voted down for some reason.

    FUN FACT: The Overton Park Shell (as it was originally known) was designed by architect Max Furbringer.

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