We Want Sweet!

Okay – you have to admit, this YouTube discovery is pretty …



Wait for it …




What did you think I was gonna say?

A BBC documentary originally broadcast in February 1974 charting 24 hours in the life of a rock band that asks the question: “Is the music business really that glamorous?”
The show contains live material shot on the 21st December 1973 during their legendary concert in the Rainbow Theatre, London.

Featuring the original line-up:

Brian Connolly – lead vocals
Andy Scott – guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Steve Priest – bass, vocals
Mick Tucker – drums, percussion, vocals

4 Replies to “We Want Sweet!”

  1. I didn’t realize how big they were in England. They had four or five singles do very well in the US, but I don’t think they ever got much traction here as live act, or racked up huge album sales. That said, Fox On The Run is one badass song, and their other singles were at least entertaining.

    1. I didn’t realize how talented they actually were. I’ve always attributed all that ear candy to studio trickery, but in this documentary, you can tell they had the goods live. As musicians and vocalists. Those harmonies!

      Not to bum y’all out, but lead singer Brian Connolly became a raging alcoholic, got kicked out of the band, and – after multiple heart attacks related to his drinking – died a frail old man at the ripe age of 51.

  2. Fox on the Run is a good song, but Ballroom Blitz is the one that gets stuck in my head and won’t leave. Also, is the video some kind of prequel to This is Spinal Tap?

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