3 Replies to “Another Cheap Trick Song Stuck In My Head For Some Goddamned Reason”

  1. Somehow I missed the Kiss/Cheap Trick show in Spokane on 08/01/77.

    Cheap Trick set list:

    Hello There
    Big Eyes
    Please, Mrs. Henry
    Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
    He’s a Whore
    Oh, Candy
    Taxman, Mr. Thief

    From the review:

    Overshadowing the electric scenery was the back-up group, Cheap Trick, an up-and-thundering hard rock band. The group out-shocked KISS by their sheer understatement. With a drummer who looks like a GU law student, complete with short-cropped hair, necktie and wire-rimmed glasses, and a guitarist who wears a baseball cap, a two-sizes-too-small sweater and ”slacks,” coupled with two other members who look like our run of the mill rock stars, the group is a truly strange assemblage.

    And they can play, with a sound fondly reminiscent of early Who.

  2. Great song. For some reason I never saw them either. I was an early fan, but I guess I was never in the right town at the right time.

    1. Me either! I see a bastard field trip in our future. Sucks that Bun E. retired, though.

      Oh, and Next Position Please was produced by none other than Todd Rundgren!

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