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  1. Here you go, you’re welcome.

    It’s all great, but watch from 10:55-13:20 for a wonderful description about the cross-pollenation of bands.

    ”What?! Jim Tillman wasn’t in Butt Sweat.”

  2. I’m about halfway through it. Very good & informative for me, as I know very little about that scene. But best of all, one of the female interviewees is wearing a Boy Howdy t-shirt. Haven’t seen that logo in years, and I have to find one.

    One interesting thing about grunge that may not be well known: it made the world safe for first-wave punk. I know people who absolutely loathed the Ramones, Clash & Sex Pistols when they came out, but later liked them after they’d gotten used to hearing Nirvana et al. I get how the Sex Pistols pissed people off in ‘77, as that’s what they were all about. But the Ramones? They owed as much to AM pop radio as they did to the Stooges, so I never got why they upset people at first. But post-grunge, people came around to them.

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