4 Replies to “Beat Club Medley”

  1. I’ve never seen a bass player so consistently zig when he should zag as Phil Lesh. His playing puts me on edge.

    Also, The Doors without Mr. Mojo Risin is a tad pathetic.


  2. As an army brat, I lived in Germany from ’62-’66 ( age 5-9), and I did see this show, although obviously not the episodes posted here. I think I saw episodes with the Hollies and an earlier appearance by the Kinks, but I could be confusing it with Top of the Pops or Ready Steady Go! I’ll need to check in with my older siblings to see what they remember.

    I haven’t watched any of this yet, but I agree that Phil Lesh is easily the worst bassist ever to pick up the instrument. He’s gotten away with it because 95% of people never pay attention to what bassists are playing. The remaining 5% don’t care because they’ve taken too many drugs, or don’t like the Dead anyway.

  3. I didn’t know what, if anything, would grab anyone. I was not expecting a Phil Lesh beatdown, but am quite enjoying it.

  4. Very much enjoyed The Kinks and my favorite Stones line-up. Chuck Berry’s bassist is annoyingly smiley. Why is he so happy? I’ve heard CB could be a mean sonofabitch to his players. And Gibson Thunderbird basses are a pain in the ass. Let go of the neck even slightly, and the headstock takes a dive. So stop smiling and look miserable, please.

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