Terry Bozzio Needs More Drums

His entire set is a bathroom break. It could be worse, though.

He could be a bass player.

Terry Bozzio’s drumming for Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, Jeff Beck and a host of today’s top artists has become legendary. His solo concerts have been acclaimed around the world as entertaining and inspiring. His incredible drum set includes 26 tom-toms, 8 bass drums, 53 cymbals and 22 pedals.

And now you can see and hear Terry as you’ve never seen or heard him before by streaming his “Reality Tour” performance video. Drum Channel members automatically get 20% off the “Reality Tour” video download and everything else on the DC site!

4 Replies to “Terry Bozzio Needs More Drums”

  1. Also, I must say that this regrettable state of affairs tends to occur when drummers neglect their solemn duties of sex, drugs, and general mayhem.

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