Mirrored Aztec

Bob and the boys release their 31st (? maybe, who knows? how do you count?) and second album of 2020

f you’ve worn all those out, the band has also announced a fan club of sorts called Hot Freaks (what else?) that will give you access to unreleased content, rarities and other stuff. Let us know how it is, Monkeystador.

2 Replies to “Mirrored Aztec”

    1. From an old website called 5ives.com …

      Five subject lines from recent spams that would also make good titles for Guided by Voices songs

      Confucianism: You Should Carry On
      Topsoil Deals Offsetting
      Squirehood, What’s Your Wife’s Favorite One?
      Secular Rockabye Countryman
      Porpoise, Only You Can Superstition

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