Mission Statement For Your Band

Band Name Bureau has a Twitter account, an Instagram Feed and a paid subscription service. The guy who started it began as an AV Club compiler, and the Ten Year Retrospective of Band Names was stellar. Included are links to bands, songs, and desolate wastelands like MySpace. With all respect to Fartbarf, my favorites:

Here Comes Old Vodka Tits
Coach Said Not To
Carlos I’m Pregnant
Diagnosis? Bastard
Okilly Dokilly (“the world’s only Nedal band”)

I have no idea if these bands are any good, but I’m sure that you music industry veterans can confirm it doesn’t matter, it’s all about your name.

I think if someone cleaned up the audio, Carlos I’m Pregnant wouldn’t be half-bad.

One Reply to “Mission Statement For Your Band”

  1. The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture
    Happy Mother’s Day, I Can’t Read
    Puffy Areolas
    Vomit Erection
    Fixed Gears Are For Jerks And Lesbians

    “Go ride a tall bike, ya fuckin’ bitch!”

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