Not sure what the quota is for remakes (at least #4, I think) but this looks fun. I rarely watch 1983 Dune, because Lynch has such distaste for it, but I caught the first 30 minutes the other day, and thought those sequences were amazing.

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  1. I’m in! I’ve been a fan of Villeneuve’s since Blade Runner 2049 and the cast looks stellar.

    I saw Lynch’s Dune (1984?) in the theater and still watch bits and pieces when I catch it on TV, but the book doesn’t engage me. I’ve started it a few times and decided I must not have the patience for detailed (I would argue tedious) world-building. I hated The Lord of the Rings for the same reason. Get on with it!

  2. Your millenial attention span cracks me up, Quibi-san.
    I found LOTR even better after reading The Silmarillion.

    It looks like 2020 has bumped Dune, Bond, and possibly Wonder Woman (noooooo!) to 2049.

    I may not notice as I have three or four shows queued up already, and Mandalorian: Yoda Rising drops later this month.

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