3 Replies to “You Bastards Never Tell Me Anything!”

  1. I checked with the Board of Directors.

    Technically, Makerbot is in charge of exposing you to new British music. HOWEVER, that authority is superseded by The Committee to Avoid Overstimulation of Fat Elvis.
    The CAOFE in this case determined that the Vapors might rile you up too much. Or possibly cause you to seek out other, more harmful novelties. If you feel that this assessment is in error, please file a form SVX-4.

    Col. Pervis McChungus
    VP of Bastard Relations

  2. Did y’all know that lead singer and songwriter Dave Fenton has spent most of his adult life as an attorney in the music industry? Or that this is the first new material from The Vapors in 39 years? Surely, that must be a …

    Wait for it …
    Wait …
    Record *sad trombone*

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