I’ve Never Felt Sorry For A Guitar Before

But this one seems to be hanging on by a thread (string?). Interesting stories associated with it, too.

Willie Nelson’s guitar, “Trigger,” is in for guitar repair at Erlewine Guitars in Austin, Texas. Mark Erlewine shares a closeup look at the famous hole in the top. Mark’s been Trigger’s caretaker for ages, and he gives us the inside scoop on Trigger’s history.

3 Replies to “I’ve Never Felt Sorry For A Guitar Before”

  1. I got up close to the stage at a Willie show a few years ago and was amazed that thing didn’t just crumble in his hands. It’s unbelievably beat to shit. Also fascinating that he was playing without a sideman. He was the only guitar in the band, and this was only a couple of years ago.

  2. What a metaphor for human frailty and struggle.

    “Patch me up and send me back out there, I can take it!
    Also I need a little botox under my bridge.”

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