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  1. I watched your fine show.

    I found it compelling. I’m not that emotionally invested in the MCU, and had completely forgotten what happened to Vision in a film that I think I must have seen in the theater. I’m sympathetic to Scoresese’s contention that nothing is at risk.

    The Salem, 1693 scene grabbed me because of recent exhaustive reading on the subject. I was all prepared to announce “that didn’t really happen that way!”
    But nobody wants to hear that.

    Everyone seems to be raving about Agatha. But I thought Elizabeth Olsen had the incredible performance.

    1. Yeah, I’m perfectly fine with easily-digestible pop culture that isn’t ART. It sort of comes with the territory when you’re adapting comic book storylines.

      I agree with you regarding Elizabeth Olsen. If I remember correctly, she didn’t have a lot to do in the Avengers movies. Her range was surprising!

      I’ve read many of the criticisms about the finale and the fan trolling with off-brand Pietro. Whatever. WandaVision told a compelling story in a novel way, with characters I cared about. I was genuinely entertained and looked forward to each new episode. What else do you need from a TV show?

      Next up, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier!

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