5 Replies to “Madness 101, US Edition”

  1. I liked their hits ok, and I liked the Specials, who were great live. Beyond them, I only enjoyed ska when bands like the Clash dabbled in it for a song or two here and there. Otherwise it gets old pretty fast. For example, the Police used ska/reggae/whatever to good effect in individual songs, but over the course of an album or concert they got boring. But at least they had hooks. Most ska bands had none.

    There was a bit of a ska resurgence in the 90’s that resulted in no memorable music whatsoever. Back then a teenager made me a tape of the Mighty Bosstones, who I think were the ska standard-beareres at the time. They were awful.

  2. A lot of my favorite bands are from the UK, but I don’t get this at all. Our House is fine, but I can’t stomach the other stuff. Rubbish.

  3. I didn’t realize Our House was Madness. But it was the only song I recognized.

    And may the cyclic nature of fashion never, ever bring jaunty caps back.

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