Two Assholes Lost In The Woods

For your Friday distraction, here’s a fascinating oral history on possibly the greatest Sopranos episode ever, which aired 20 years ago today.

Two mobsters chase a seemingly invincible man through the South Jersey forest. Then he vanishes, leaving only a trail of blood. As day turns into night and cold turns into much colder, the gangsters give up their search and go into survival mode. They bond, bicker, and threaten each other, until they’re finally rescued in the light of the next morning.

This gets me every time.

3 Replies to “Two Assholes Lost In The Woods”

  1. Great article!

    It’s said so often that The Sopranos changed televsion that you tend to forget that The Sopranos really did change television.

    1. Yes! Especially the protagonist you sometimes love and sometimes loathe. There certainly would’ve been no Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul without it.

  2. I binged this show seven or eight years after everyone else saw it. But even then, I was told: “can’t wait til you get to Pine Barrens.

    Great screenwriting.

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