Edison What?

This stupid, irresistibly catchy song by a band with a very uncatchy name is a perfect example of the kind of vacuous, boneheaded bubblegum pop that dominated AM radio in the late 60’s/early 70’s.  It’s a song I never would have admitted  liking back then.  The band looks about as interesting as their name, so the video required plenty of gyrating dancing girls to maintain any visual interest.  At first I thought that explained the singer’s goofy grin.  Clearly he was expecting a cut from casting couch proceeds.  But closer inspection reveals that the dancing girls were spliced in from elsewhere.  Oh well, I guess one-hit wonders only cash in so far.

Here are the Replacements assassinating it:

4 Replies to “Edison What?”

  1. I see you edited out the string section and replaced it with curvy babes.

    “Is that a complaint?”

    No. Carry on.

  2. Yeah, I’ve always been a reluctant sucker for good bubblegum. It might be trash, but the best of it is very well-written and produced. You won’t find tighter pop songs, and without it we wouldn’t have had the Ramones, Johnny Thunders, the Replacements, and many others.

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