Little Douche Coupe

Crudely done, but some telling snippets from the luckiest mediocre singer to latch on to talented relatives.

Favorite comments:  “Pet Sounds was entirely my idea. I told Brian ‘write something brilliant and timeless, man’…so I deserve most of the credit”-Mike Love;  “I never trust a man with that many rings”;  “Mike Love, the original Douche Coupe”; “Mike Love, still dancing like your creepy uncle since 1961.”

3 Replies to “Little Douche Coupe”

  1. I read somewhere that Love is the angriest, most uptight transcendental meditator in existence. No argument here.

    His RnR Hall of Fame speech is a classic.

  2. I didn’t hear about that speech; that’s nuts but apparently typical for him. He doesn’t understand that he’s ineligible for the indulgence geniuses get.

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