Bull Island Soda Pop Festival

If you enjoy failed-rock-festival porn, check this out.  Apparently things got so dark that even the reigning Dark Lords of rawk and Satan’s representatives on earth, Black Sabbath, felt compelled to cancel.

5 Replies to “Bull Island Soda Pop Festival”

  1. Great mini-doc!

    “We don’t have footage of that band” just adds to the overall mystery.

    Mud and dirty hippies is why you’ll never see me anywhere near Bonnaroo.

    I await the tale of how Renfield once opened for Birtha.

  2. Ah yes, our wild gig with Birtha and its unprintable aftermath. . .

    Actually, this is the first I’ve ever heard of Birtha as far as I remember. The first all-female hard rock band I recall hearing about was called Fanny.

    I loved the complaint that “I came for Black Sabbath and just got Black Oak Arkansas.”

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