4 Replies to “Line Goes Up”

  1. “Hi, Matt Damon says I’m a pussy if I don’t buy crypto.”

    I’m about halfway through. Clear-sighted bs detecting at its best. Nice delineation of what anyone with sense knows intuitively: no value there.

    Say what you will about China; at least they banned crypto.

  2. The SEC just shut down CryptoFed DAO four months after it launched. No doubt doomed by hubris and hype-based obfuscation, which is a phrase I will be applying to everything everywhere now.

  3. That’s progress, but the crypto industry has, accoring to the WSJ, “staked out a spot at Washington’s revolving door, hiring scores of former government officials and regulators as it seeks to shape policies to govern the largely unregulated market.” So there’s a decent chance that when regulation arrives, it will be cosmetic. Which might seem fine for those of us not invested, unless we’re exposed unknowingly via our banks, mutual funds, pension funds, whatever.

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