5 Replies to “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

  1. Hadn’t seen this, so the anticipation was great.

    If he had simply sung the entire song in a pleasant manner, then he would be Andy Kaufman.

  2. That was really funny. I love how he kind of actually followed the soliloquy (is that what it’s called?) He got weird at the end. Ah, cocaine.

    Does anyone else remember Rodney Dangerfield’s 9th Young Comedians Special that was crazy stacked with talent? I must’ve watched it a thousand times. First time I ever saw Kinison.


  3. Yes, that’s a soliloquy. If the evil ex (or someone else) were in the song listening, it would be a monologue.

    I never saw that special. Kinison is hilarious (she’s got the spare too….it’s gonna be saaaaaaaaand!). Some other great stuff in there too. Bob Saget is brilliantly demented, a little too demented once or twice. He couldn’t have career today with that material.

  4. I never watched Kinison, because the only person I knew who liked him loved Andrew Dice Clay. I categorized them together and just didn’t bother.

    Another reminder to check things out for myself.

  5. Kinison was lumped in with ADC (YouTube agrees: ADC now pops up on my app, damnit) because they both appealed to people who liked vulgarity as an end in itself. The difference is that SK was genuinely funny for a while…until his material got stale and he began relying too much on his trademark scream. Cocaine, as FE stated.

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