Are You Loathsome Tonight?

I think I could put almost any modern country song here, as they are nearly all appalling. The dopey two-step beats, the horrible twang, the cowboy hat affectation, the utter lack of curiosity or twist in the songwriting – i.e. it’s funny that you love your country when you haven’t explored it beyond your barn.


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  1. …and said barn is pre-fab from Lowe’s and sits behind a suburban house. I’d bet few of these guys would know a farm from a dog park. I haven’t listened yet, but I have crossed the Florida/Georgia state line many times, and it seems like nothing to sing about, however bad the song. But I’d defer to FE on that point.

  2. Pretty awful. They sing about pedal steel guitars and fiddles, but I’m pretty sure those aren’t allowed in contemporary country. There certainly aren’t any here, nor any country guitar playing.

    Accenting the second syllable of “whiskey” is just goofy, even if you’re illiterate. And I have a feeling they’re really saying that they love half the country, or specifically their neck of the woods. Or country music.

  3. The inane chorus is now stuck in my head. I probably deserve it.

    I seem to have unlimited space in my cortex for storing the most asinine lyrics and jingles. An overdeveloped “Baby Shark” lobe.

  4. Yes, that’s one way our own brains try to drive us crazy. Annoying AM hits I haven’t heard in 40-50+ years will pop into my head note-for-note while shaving , brushing my teeth, driving, whatever, and loop through my brain much of the day. So maddening. Sometimes, to spread the misery, I’ll sing them. If I suddenly disappear, you’ll know that the other Renfields finally dealt with this problem.

  5. I’m not going to dignify that shit by listening to it. I was at a conference in Oklahoma recently and the exhibit hall was blasting that shit bro country all day and I wanted to put ice picks in my ears. I can’t believe how fucking bad EVERYTHING that gets played on country radio now is. And the only good thing about the Fla/Ga line is you’re at least getting out of one of those fucking states when you cross it.

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