Viva Schroeder

I read Peanuts over and over as a youngster. Our discussion of “Well-Tempered Clavier” triggered an old panel in my head. I couldn’t find it, of course, but seem to remember Schroeder’s involvement. It was a good springboard to look up his outstanding output.

I’m sure the classically-trained bastard among us can identify Schroeder’s enthusiastic tunes by a single measure.

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  1. I was also a Peanuts addict. Schroeder is a badass. Don’t even get me started on the Hammerklavier and the other late piano sonatas. I’ll finally get booted from this blargh. They along with the late string quartets are still ahead of the times. “Better than they can be played,” summed up Artur Schnabel, who recorded the first complete set of the sonatas. It’s still true, even for those rare birds (Maurizio Pollini is one) who can play them perfectly.

  2. One of life’s annoyances is that you can’t make someone back flip by yelling at them. It’s also physically impossible to dance like Peanuts characters. That’s come in handy, as I’ve been able to inform exasperated girlfriends that I find it pointless to dance at all if one can’t dance ike that.

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