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  1. That’s the only song by them that ever gets played, and the only one I remember hearing. I’m guessing their original songs weren’t anything special, or maybe they were a cover band. Love the beat and the fuzz bass.

    For a nation that despises Americans, they certainly like pretending to be them.

  2. When I lived in Dubai, I won a CD on the radio (Beatles 1) by identifying George Martin as the producer on whatever song the DJ (English, natch) played. Fucker came back on and said he had a winner, but it was a septic tank, so he was going to give another one away. It made it all the better. Knob.

  3. Besides Tobacco Road, the other thing they’re known for is being Jerry Lee Lewis’ band on Live At The Star Club, which is a great record.

  4. Yep.
    per Wikipedia:
    “In the late Sixties the group returned to its old craft: backing other artists like Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent. “

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