This One’s For You, Renfield

Mrs. Makerbot and I just watched Dracula last night, so this is a particularly timely find. We also streamed Renfield, which we thought was goofy fun.

In this in-depth retrospective, I tell the story behind the one that started it all: 1931’s “Dracula”, starring Béla Lugosi as The Count. I delve deep into its rocky development, cursed casting process, and messy production, as well as its public reception and timeless legacy, all while providing my own thoughts on the film. Also starring: Helen Chandler, Edward Van Sloan, Frances Dade, David Manners, and Dwight Frye. Directed by Tod Browning. Produced by Carl Laemmle for Universal Pictures.

3 Replies to “This One’s For You, Renfield”

  1. Thanks, can’t wait to sink my teeth into that, so to speak. The 1931 Dracula was already on my Halloween list this year, as Renfield Jr. hasn’t yet seen it. I envy anyone their first viewing.

  2. Fascinating. I love that movie. I read Frankenstein a couple years ago, but I haven’t read Dracula. Also, was the Coppola version as bad as I remember it being? Because I remember it being really really bad.

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