Drinking Irish Whiskey On The Irish Sea

You Bastards still haven’t listened to this yet, have you? I only listened to three or four new records this year, but this one is up there with any of my all-time favorites by any artist.

Came across the trailer above in an interesting interview with Isbell talking about working on Killers of the Flower Moon, which he was very good in as well. Ok, I’ll stop now.

6 Replies to “Drinking Irish Whiskey On The Irish Sea”

  1. Apparently I’ve been pronouncing his name incorrectly.

    And they’re using the Duluth Trading Co underwear guy to do his trailer.

    I thought you listened to three or four albums per week.

    1. It’s weird, this year the only new albums I’ve gotten into are the Subteens (natch), Isbell, and Lydia Loveless. Other than that it’s been a shitload of Blue Öyster Cult and late period Dylan.

  2. I listened to some of this, and I see why you like it so much. Very well played. Lyrically very effective. Too effective, really: I couldn’t listen long because due to recent Renfield family tragedy, I have limited tolerance for that much harsh reality. I’m all about escapism these days.

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