Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Ms. Makerbot and I finally saw Mission: Impossible – Fallout yesterday afternoon. I seem to recall enjoying the last MI movie (Rogue Nation?) a few years back, but couldn’t tell you much about it now. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, probably more of a testament to the movie as escapist summer fun than a dig.

Anyway, my overall impression is that this one’s better than that one. Fallout has a just-complex-enough twisty plot, evil bad guys hellbent on world destruction, lots of great set pieces, and a silly-but-fun McGuffin. Say what you want about Tom Cruise’s personal life, the guy just wants to make great movies. And perform all his own stunts, if possible. He reportedly trained an entire year for one of them, and production was halted a few months after he broke his ankle performing another.

Have the Mission: Impossible movies always just been American James Bond with M and Q along for the ride?

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