This Is Your Brain On Drugs

So, the good folks over at Magic Leap have created some device that let’s you see music.  Or something like that. As they describe it…

“Magic Leap One’s unique design and technology lets in natural light waves together with softly layered synthetic lightfields. Both the real world and virtual light rays initiate neural signals that pass from the retina to the visual part of the brain, creating unbelievably believable experiences.

Built for humans, not robots (sorry robots), Magic Leap One is inspired by human physiology. It makes the unreal feel real. And this is only the beginning”

Wait. What?

Sigur Ros teamed up with them, and now you can see their music and get the effects of LSD without all the drug possession charges. This looks pretty insane, but that $2000 price tag is a bit much for me. In the meantime, I’ll continue to get my psychedelic hallucinations from combining Pabst Blue Ribbon and Xanax.

Don’t think they are selling these in Nashville yet, but this could be something to watch in the future…

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