3 Replies to “Guess Who?”

  1. I’m living proof that one can appreciate the Ramones and whiny, self-pitying, victimhood-seeking slop. I get it though, he’s obnoxious. My theory is that if you really want to be a fan of The Smiths, you have to intensely focus on Johnny Marr’s riffs and chord changes. Otherwise you can get sucked into Morrissey’s vortex of self loathing whining.

  2. I agree about the immensely talented Johnny Marr. Mrs. Renfield’s fondness for the Smiths has forced me to hear more of them than I ever would have otherwise, and his guitar playing does make them tolerable if I can ignore Morrisey. Sometimes that’s not possible for me. I wish JM had hitched up to another singer, as he did put down some great riffs.

    By polar opposites I meant in attitude and lyrics. For me the Ramones represent fun, wit, and a refusal to take themselves very seriously. In Morrisey I only hear grudges, thin skin, and self-righteousness.

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