2 Replies to “Vinyl Nerds Classified”

  1. This one is my favorite:

    The Older Guy Who Thinks His Record Collection Is Worth Money but Isn’t

    This retiree read an article in the New York Times about how vinyl is making a comeback so he brought a box full of his old Led Zeppelin, Springsteen, and Pink Floyd LPs from the 70s to sell, conveniently, on the busiest day of the year for record store employees. None of these records are worth anything, of course, because they were all mass-produced and have been sitting in the corner of his moldy basement for four decades and for some reason he wrote his name on the cover of a bunch of them.

    1. That’s actually my father-in-law, bless him, who has some boxes of worthless albums that he thinks are worth a fortune. I just nod and change the subject. If he ever starts talking about about hauling them to a store, I’ll clue him in.

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