The Art Of Mort Künstler

Here’s some more incredibly manly paintings for you rugged bastards!

From Design You Can Trust

Mort Künstler is best known today for his vivid paintings of scenes from American history, specifically the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. These works have been featured in books and calendars, and spotlighted in exhibitions around the country.

Less known is Künstler’s early work in men’s adventure magazines, a unique genre that populated newsstands from the 1950s through the late ‘70s. Also known as “men’s sweats,” because most covers featured a sweaty, shirtless guy facing some type of peril, scores of adventure titles vied for a reader’s attention with eye-popping headlines such as “Death Orgy of the Leopard Women” and “Weasels Ripped My Flesh!”

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  1. Some of these guys are seriously fucked. Dead for sure. Except for the guy with the Manta Ray. As long as it doesn’t land on him when it jumps, he’s ok.

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