Tom Kenny, Super-Genius


Watch as Tom Kenny seamlessly improvises the voices to 5 random cartoon characters that he has never seen before. Using his skills from decades as the voice of SpongeBob, The Ice King (Adventure Time), The Mayor (Powerpuff Girls), Heffer (Rocko’s Modern Life) and many others, Tom is able to create amazing characters in the blink of an eye.

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    1. Quick Tom Kenny Story

      Back when my kids were younger, like maybe 10 and 7, we were eating at a local pizza place with a few other families after my son’s basketball game. About halfway through dinner, Kenny comes strolling through the door with a few other people. (He was in town for a comic convention, as it turned out.)

      Me being me, I said to no one in particular, “Holy shit, it’s SpongeBob,” stood up, and approached. I shook his hand and asked if I could introduce him to the kids. Without hesitation (“Oh sure!”), he walked with me to the table and did a quick run-through of his most popular voices.

      Of course, the kids were completely confused at the time. But they still talk about meeting SpongeBob.

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