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  1. Yes, it’s good to pick out a few things that you adore and roll with it.

    Fight scene was a flashback.

    This film was worth it for the “I’m not gonna be a damn worthless drunk” scene, and the comical “you dirty hippies” overtones.

  2. Cliff Booth [tripping on acid]: “I remember you. What’s your name?”

    Tex Watson: “I’m the devil and I’m here to do the devil’s business.”

    *awkward pause*

    Cliff Booth: “Naw, it was dumber than that. Rex?”

  3. Gone too soon!

    I actually had the Burt Reynolds autobiography in my hands at Barnes & Noble the other day (DISCOUNTED BOOKS RULE!), but I bought Costello’s instead.

  4. I kind of loved and hated it. It was pleasing eye candy and mostly fun as hell, but the Manson alt history stuff was an eye roll for me. I also was a little uneasy about the Bruce Lee scene, more because it made him look like a doofus than the fact that Pitt’s character more or less kicked his ass. That said, I’m sure I’ll watch it again at least once.

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