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  1. Someone has really done his or her research. Take it away, random online comment …

    The film was released last year and it bombed. Even in China. For obvious reasons. First of all, it’s not a Jackie Chan/Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. They are borderline cameos/small support roles. It is a sequel to a Russian movie. There is dubbing that makes it worse to sit through.

    Some people say the Visuals are no different than Hollywood movies, and that would be true if it were released in 1999 at the same time as Star Wars: the Phantom Menace. It’s a good effort. Sadly it’s just very poorly done. It makes D War visuals look top notch. The CGI is good looking for Playstation 2 graphics.

    Certain dialog in English were redubbed in English to portray China in a more flattering light. The original Russian film was a dark fantasy. They wanted the sequel to be more light hearted. Think Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. It is unfortunate but perhaps a blessing in disguise that this article didn’t mention that this is one of Rutger Hauer’s final movies. Just a paycheck bit part.

    Besides the dubbing, the jokes, the visuals that many complained contributing it’s poor performance, perhaps it’s worth watching once for free. Whether it’s free streaming or free downloading, but not worth paying for even the dollar cinemas. It might be good background noise for cleaning up your place, or background movie playing at a kids party.

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